Learn, Love & Share In Paradise
Feb. 21 & 22 2019
A word about CozTalks:
As I celebrate the 6th year of this great event, I look back in amazement at the people that have come to this small island to support and share over the years. 

These owners represent the absolute best that our industry has to offer.

These wonderful people came to give back to our great profession, share and give of their time to the martial arts community. 

I invite you to come to this magical island, I invite you to learn, share and celabrate with the best of the best, you'll be glad you did.

- Randy Reid
Hear What The Attendees Are Saying!
CozTalks...A different kind of learning
Focused seminars, followed by hours of one on one inter-action with the speakers. 
Zero, none, not-chance of you be sold anything. Period (well, maybe a margarita or two)
Enjoy the camaraderie and inter-action of wonderful group of giving martial artists (this is where the good stuff always happens, right?
Take A Little Tour Of Cozumel: 
Take A Little Tour Of Cozumel: 
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CozTalks, come to the island,there's some very cool people you should meet.....
Over the years CozTalks has been graced with the elite leaders of our profession, these fine people represent the gold standard of the martial arts business.

They come to help, to teach and share on this beatuiful island as we enjoy the friendship of our fellow martial artists.

When the best minds get togther amazing things happen; Ideas are shared, infomation traded and freindships are made.

Yup, it's a very cool event.

Who's Teaching & Sharing? Check  Out Below!
Small Town, Big Success!
Jeff Denu
Mr. Denu runs a 400+ member school in a small mid-west town with less than 75K population. His school is very profitable and he'll be sharing his system for success in a small town.  
7 Steps To Becoming a Professional Educator!
Melody Shuman
A true innovator in our profession, Ms. Shuman is the founder of the international program SKILLZ, which 100's of schools worldwide are using to grow their programs.
The Evolution Of MA in Europe, What Can We Learn?
Stefan Billen:
He is a leading consultant with “Berufsverband Kampfkunst,” (Professional Martial Arts Association) in high demand.in Germany’s martial arts industry. He is a writer, former kickboxing champion, and a very successful tournament promoter. .
6 Steps To Writing Your Awesome Book!
Melodee Meyer:
Million dollar school owner, author and public speaker, Master Mel has it all!
10 Point Check List For Running A Top School
Randy Reid:
 Is the Editor of Dojo Nation and a lifelong martial artist.
“PROVEN $100,000 Social Proof Marketing Strategies”!
Duane Spires:
Mr. Spires along with his lovely wife Lauren own Mast and are the recognized experts in AfterSchool and Summer Camp programs.
Undisputed closer: using passion , expertise and social media to sell high ticket program
Alan " The Talent" Belcher:
Former top UFC fighter, He has now turned his efforts from winning in the cage to winning the game of getting you new students!   
Small Town=Huge Success!
Sarah Burkel operates a very, high profit school in small (pop. 10K) town with close to 100 after school/summer camp students and a waiting list!
The WHY, the Path to Purpose and Profitability 
Brannon Beliso
"The Professor" is one of the most successful school owners, coaches and speakers in the world. His "Service First" philosophy has been a game changer in the martial arts world. 
Internationally Recognized Business Educator
Rudy Miick

Adam Spicar
Hyper ProTraining Founder
Roland Osborne
3 Major "Must Haves" For Online Marketing!
Stephen Reinstein

President of Market Muscles, he has fast become the go to person for all things with online marketing.  His understanding of online is flooding schools with new students.
Truth behind why you're not getting new 
Members with Facebook Ads
Daniel Morel
The Nerd of The North

 Daniel runs a business that is focused exclusively on helping school owners get more business through the door every single month.

"Your Customer Journey Map"
Cris Rodriguez 
With over 25 years of Martial Arts Experience and 18 years of Teaching Experience, Professor Cris Rodriguez is a BJJ Black Belt and the Co-Owner of Gracie PAC MMA, a Mixed Martial Arts School in Tampa, Florida with over 300 students in just under 5 years.
The Lynchpin to Your Success: Building a Team 
That Works Like They Own the Place
Kelly Murray
Kelly Murray Grys - CEO at Kelly Murray Leadership & Confidence Coaching
Grandmaster Bill Clark!
The Man, the Legend!
The Adult Market is Back!
Check Out Our Oceanfront Hotel!
The Casa Mexicana Is Our Oceanfront Hotel!
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